Hooked Blue Marlin in Morehead City North Carolina.

Blue Marlin

The Atlantic blue marlin is often considered the top prize of any North Carolina offshore sport fishing charter experience. Although usually released when caught by most fishing charters, these bullet-fast high-jumping pelagic predators can race a speeds quick enough to entirely strip a fishing reel in less then a minute! Blue marlin can grow to weights in excess of 1000 pounds and are a spectacular rod bending, line stretching, arm wrestling challenge that is hard to compare to any other fish. No, we don't catch these every day on our charters, but any offshore charter fishing trip aboard the Fin Hunter definitely has that potential.

beautiful white marlin about to be released.

White Marlin

The white marlin is like the smaller cousin of the blue marlin. What it lacks in size is quickly compensated for by its aggressive strikes and unbelievable aerial displays. White marlin often roam the Atlantic Gulf Stream in small schools so multiple hooks are not uncommon. White marlin grow to weights in excess of 100 pounds and 50 to 60 pound fish are the most common catches. It is a common practice to release most all billfish caught on our North Carolina fishing charters so that another lucky angler can also have the opportunity to catch one.

Hooked sailfish about to jump out of the ocean.


Atlantic sailfish are just another of the beautiful pelagic predator billfish species that are available in our coastal waters. Like blue and white marlin, the Atlantic sailfish often travel in schools, so multiple sailfish slashing through the trolling spread is a distinct possibility. Another nice feature of this species is that they are often caught further inshore then other billfish so occasionally anglers fishing for inshore species get the opportunity to enjoy them also. The average size for a sailfish is about 50 pounds.

Awesome under water picture of a bluefin tuna.

Bluefin Tuna

Winter means giant bluefin tuna roaming the Atlantic Ocean and local Morehead City and Atlantic Beach charter boats are going to be ready and waiting for their shot at them. These massive fish often cruise our local waters in large schools that can produce fish in excess of 500 pounds! Anglers describe being hooked to a bluefin tuna like having your fishing line tied to a small car. It takes the proper experience and heavy tackle to land one of these brutes and Fin Hunter is ready to give you that shot.

Offshore yellowfin Tuna fishing in Morehead City North Carolina.

Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are always a favorite catch on any North Carolina fishing charter. Traveling in large schools, these bulldogs can attack every line in a trolling spread at the same time and create an on-deck "fire drill" that is a blast to witness. The average size of our yellowfin tuna is about 40 pounds with some fish over 100 pounds being possible. Yellowfin also have the misfortune of being a tasty treat on the table.

Beautiful Mahi jumping out of the water.

Mahi Mahi

Whether you call them dolphin (fish), dorado, or mahi-mahi, this beautiful and plentiful species is a North Carolina offshore charter favorite. Their almost neon chartreuse, green and blue colorations make them almost impossible to describe without actually seeing them for yourself in the cobalt blue offshore waters of the Gulf Stream. They can grow quickly (with only a five year life span) to weights in excess of 50 pounds and they are exceptional on the dinner table.

Fishing for wahoo.


The wahoo is quick to impress any offshore charter angler. This predator has a wicked set of teeth that will literally shred baits, lures, and any fishing line other than wire. They often attack straight up can launch themselves like a missile and will reach awesome burst speeds in their attack on a baitfish. They roam the warm Gulf Steam waters just waiting to make your fishing charter a memorable one and their chunky white meat is beyond compare on the table.

 king mackerel have made our Morehead City and Atlantic Beach fishing charters world known for having some of the finest king mackerel fishing available anywhere.

King Mackerel

The awesome king mackerel has made our Morehead City and Atlantic Beach fishing charters world known for having some of the finest king mackerel fishing available anywhere. Their aggressive aerial attacks on the bait keep anglers coming back again and again. North Carolina waters are also known for regularly producing monsters in excess of 60 pounds which is the reason many prestigious king mackerel tournaments are held here every year.

Spanish mackerel are one of the many Inshore fish you can catch on a half day fishing charter.


Inshore on our half day trips we will troll for various species including spanish mackerel, bluefish, bonito, false albacore, cobia, mahi, barracuda and more. The areas around the inlet at Morehead City are almost always very productive.